Ann Van Rooy | Vocals
Martijn Debonnet | Guitars & Backings
Steve Deleu | Guitars
Thomas Halsberghe | Bass
Joris Debonnet | Keyboards & Backings
Wouter Debonnet | Drums

The cosmic stream continues, in an eternal universe of infinite proportions that is either planned by the most complex and infallible force ever to float into existence, or a joke of such magnitude that it is understood only by those with an unlimited access to weed.

In this giant universe, too large to comprehend even for the highest of beings, one tiny lump of dirt orbits happily through space. While this piece of dirt is primarily occupied with water - with a firm will to destroy everything on the planet but not exactly sure on how to achieve this goal - it is also home to several continents, inhabited by creatures that call themselves humans and pass their time trying not to act accordingly.

One of these continents is home to the tiniest of countries. It is not visible from space - it is hardly even visible from the highway - but still it is well-known on the continent and even the planet for its beer, political incompetence, child molesters and chocolate.

It also harbors quite an active music scene, which gave birth to the band Gwyllion in the fall of 2003. You see, Gwyllion’s lead singer Annelore and drummer Wouter had been friends for a long time, supporting each other’s musical ventures throughout the scene and finally teaming up with Wouter’s musically gifted - and only slightly retarded - family Martijn (guitars) and Joris (keyboards), as well as bass player Thomas - who kind of came out of nowhere but has been with the band ever since - to form the band Gwyllion and eventually to write one of the longest sentences ever to grace a band’s biography.
All went well for a few hours, so the band started to write, rehearse and record some material, resulting in the first demo tape ’Forever Denying the Never’ in the summer of 2004. This demo was recorded with Valerie Vanhoutte handling the vocal duties, since Annelore had been forced to leave the band to focus on her personal life.

The band started gigging all over the land and when the summer of 2006 marked the return of Annelore, bringing along one of the strangest guitar players known to mankind (aka Steve) to join the ranks of Gwyllion, the band recorded their first full album ’Awakening the Dream’, that was self-released in the spring of 2007 - earning the band a lot of positive reviews, support slots for bands like After Forever, Haggard and D:S:O, a consignation deal with LSP Records, and a licensing deal with Rubicon Music in Japan.

Still, the band did not stop writing new material, and in the spring of 2008 they went back into the studio to record their second full-length, ’The Edge of All I Know’. This album was produced by Jens Bogren (Opeth, Katatonia, Pain of Salvation, Amon Amarth) at the Fascination Street Studios in Sweden, and was released in the beginning of 2009 by Black Bards Entertainment in Europe, and Rubicon Music in Japan.

Unfortunately, fate hit again short before the release and catapulted Annelore (for time reasons) out of the band. But the eternal streams made Ann Van Rooy appear at the same time and take over the mic.

And so, much like the almost totally unrelated cosmic stream that marked the beginning of this biography, the story of Gwyllion continues to new highs as well as new lows, surfing on a wave as old as time in a quest to reach an unknown Destination on a course determined by Fate. What the future holds is anyone’s guess, but one thing is for sure: it will start today!


2004 - „Forever Denying the Never” (Demo CD)
2007 - „Awakening the Dream“ (Self-Released)
2009 - „The Edge of All I Know“ (Black Bards)